how we deliver


Financing partners

The Sol Group brings a whole package for ensuring a renewable energy project gets off the ground. The most important component is financing, and Sol Group has a wide range of banks and investment funds in its network. It also has a main financing partner, fettl, an alternative financing platform for renewable energy in emerging markets, founded out of the University of Oxford. Find out more about fettl at  

Engineering, Procurement and Construction partners

Sourcing good quality, competitively priced EPC partners is key, and Sol group has strong relationships with the some of the best in the world, in particular General Electric (, and Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited of India (  


The international structuring required to make these investments work is crucial. Fettl's team of deal closers and former world bank and large government advisors provides a unique perspective in order to provide tailored and value adding structuring for energy projects to be executed well.

Global network, local partners

Along with our global network across multiple industries, the Sol Group makes sure to team with the best local partner for each project. These are the people who understand their market, and their regulatory systems better than Sol ever could, and they are a linchpin for our global team theory.